Cornish pastie at The Coffee House Newport Oregon.
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NEW! Now serving our popular Cornish Pasties!

Owner Judith Lingham tells this story:

“'So, why don't you have a Pastie on your menu?' demanded a hungry English tourist one afternoon in The Coffee House. 'I just feel like eating one with a hot cup of tea.'

This was the seed that led to the addition of an authentic Pastie to our menu. As an Australian I was very familiar with the Pastie. The local bakery in my hometown had a serving window that opened to pedestrian traffic. We could poke our heads in and purchase a hot Pastie in a paper bag to eat as we window-shopped. Our Pastie is made with parsnip, turnip, carrot, onion, potato and special herbs. We also have a version with Premium Angus Beef added to the vegetables.”

Testimonial for The Coffee House home made pastie.

" We wanted a quick something on our way to start the day. This place fit perfectly. We shared a Pastie and a piece of Banana Nut Bread. It made a perfect 'little something' to start off right. Absolutely delicious! I will definitely come back here."

– entry

America is used to pie (which is really what a Pastie is) being sweet and served with ice cream. Our savory Pasties are something quite different.

Pasties originated in Cornwall, Great Britain, where wives of Cornish miners made a Pastie using leftovers from the previous evening's meal wrapped in a flaky crust for their husbands to take into the mines for a nutritious lunch. Customers to The Coffee House have also shared that Pasties can be found in English fishing villages. There, a circle of pastry is folded in half around a whole fish with the head and tail poking out each side. After baking, the head and tail drop off as the center of the fish is consumed! Judith's Scottish sister-in-law says Scotland has many versions of Pasties, even macaroni and cheese! Visitors from Michigan State, in the U.S., talk about a thriving Pastie scene evidently started by the Cornish miners that came there to work the mines. Each town has its own version of Pastie, and each claims theirs is the only original.

A Versatile Meal

Our Pasties are good for breakfast, lunch or dinner, hot or cold. They are best when warmed in a conventional, rather than microwave, oven. They may be eaten alone or with a salad on the side.Dine here or take some home with you!

The Coffee House Restaurant is open daily from 7:00 am to 2:00 p.m. Breakfast is served all day, and we start offering our Lunch Menu at noon.

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